Thorne Solaris The Flaming Knight Exemplar Hero Miniature for Tabletop RPG

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Our miniatures are scaled to fit standard sized bases and this miniature fits a 25mm base and is scaled for 28mm games.

The Mix and Match set provides enough parts to make two figures with leftover parts. 

We can print custom sizes on request, feel free to contact us for custom size requests

Why Buy Miniatures from Liquid Artifacts?

-Printed with our own formulation Tough UV resins to shrug off heavy play, and table height drops
-Orders over $35 ship free
-Most miniatures are already in stock and ready to ship, otherwise our farm can quickly process most orders within 1-3 business days
-Responsive customer support, have issue with the order? Contact us and we will make it right.

How Liquid Artifacts miniatures are made?

We use resin printers that use UV light to harden liquid resin into highly detailed shapes perfect for making intricately detailed miniatures.

How tough are Liquid Artifacts Prints?

Through extensive testing we've developed our own blend of tough resins that are highly resistant to damage from rough play or table height drops. Don't settle for miniatures made of brittle glass like resins that will break if you look at it wrong. 


We try our hardest to clean all the support sprues off every model we print but sometimes we miss a few or the supports leave marks these are very easy to clean up prior to painting.