Fearsome Wilderness 33 Critter Set

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Missed the Fearsome Wilderness Kickstarter backer add ons for printed critters? We got you covered, with backer pricing for a limited time.  

This set includes the following:

2x Wampus Cats
2x Tree Squeeks
2x Teakettlers
2x Squonks
1x Splinter Cat
1x Snipe
1x Snallygaster
1x Silver Cat
1x Sidehill Gouger
2x Joint Snake
1x Jersey Devil
2x Jackalope
1x Hugag
1x Hoop Snake
1x Hodag
1x Hidebehind
1x Gumberoo
2x Goofus Bird
2x Glawkus
1x Dungavenhooter
1x Dingmaul
1x Cactus Cat
1x Axe Handle Hound
1x Agropelter